Sunday, December 2, 2012

Economics and Psychology in Heaven and on Earth

While it might be  right that there is probably some form of money in the lower heavens for the exchange of value, one might also speculate that even in the lower heavens the basics are all free and people trade and compete for nice to have superfluities. In the higher heavens almost everything would be free except when one trades or competes congenially for sport, something akin to a Monopoly game or a friendly softball match. In the hells of course one would need to work for even for food because hellish beings would need that level of motivation to provide use to others.

Coming back to our current planet: why do we need money here? Because people are self-centered. Would communism work our planet? No - because people want the most for themselves at the lowest cost. If possible, the imperfect beings on earth would just take what they need without doing any good for others. Why do we need capitalistic competition on planet earth? Because people would take advantage of their customers if they did not have to worry about competitors offering the same goods and services. Having said that, communism (in the generic, non-Marxist sense) does succeed on earth in a limited set of situations: (1) Within loving families where members genuinely care about other, (2) Within small committed, highly motivated religious communities such as religious orders (Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi) or communes (such as the Protestant 'Twelve Tribes').

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