Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Where is Sue?

Sue had such a wonderful blog Swedenblogian. But she did it again - a second time. She just folded her tent and left. She deleted her blog from the web. I have snippets of some of her articles - I wish I had more.

The first time she dropped out she said she had said everything she wanted to say about Swedenborg and that she wanted to do a blog on quilts. But after a while she started writing on religious topics again.

On the internet it is possible to disappear without a trace.

Where is she now?  Where are you, Sue? Rejoin the community - at least, let us know you are well - and why you turn your blog off from time to time...



  1. That's so nice, Roger! (Now that I know you have been writing regularly I will start reading YOURS!)
    I am in the exact same place - work and church ;-)- except the Catholic side of me has been spectaculary awakened lately. And I don't know any Swedenborgians in real life anyway ...
    I do interpret EVERYTHING I hear still with Swedenborg in the back of my head - and it never conflicts with regular church, just enhances it.
    Advent has made more sense because I see it all with Swedenborgian eyes and know that it is going on inside of my mind and not just in long ago history.
    Excited to read your posts!

  2. Thanks, for replying, Susan. I am sorry that all of the good stuff you had written is lost to posterity. Even if you do not wish to blog anymore, it might be good to keep your blog viewable for folks to learn from. God used you to teach people.

    Hope we'll get snippets of your wisdom in the future. You might even start a non-Swedenborgian blog.