Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Let is not pretend, in misguided kindness, and refuse to acknowledge that ---

It isn't perfect, and we are incomplete

Kind and good people try to sugar coat physical reality by framing it as different  from what it really is. Sometimes, they actually want to believe the sugarcoating.

Swedenborgians, including preachers, sometimes fall into this trap. For instance, I heard one such preacher saying that one is complete even if single, and one is able to live fully in the single state. But we know better - we are meant to be coupled in joy with a truly compatible soul mate of the opposite gender, and that is our eternal destiny. With this as the backdrop, we do not need to whitewash any current lack and pretend that all is well - or pressure others to pretend hard to be well in a faux manner. And, if we are crippled, we need not pretend that we are differently able because we know that we will be in a beautiful, whole spiritual body that has all the attributes of the physical one, a body that is more solid yet more fluid to thought and will, more sensate in every way.

And so we do not need to euphemize or rationalize our (and others') twistednesses and negative quirks, knowing that for the willing, these will be removed for the asking in the spirit world. We can truly afford to be brutally honest, and yet totally loving, with ourselves and others. With others, of course, our brutal honesty needs to be subservient to their ability to use our criticism for their spiritual advancement rather than fall into despair. We do not need to, out of false kindness, affirm that certain sexual perversions are normal and wholesome -- as if there isn't healing to address what might not be healable in the physical realm.

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