Friday, October 28, 2016

Found a Unification Church article I really like...

I did find a Unification Church web post by Andrew Wilson that I really like and that is so very Swedenborgian (except for a few terminology differences and very few conceptual differences). For instance, "angels" in this article mean something different from what's in Swedenborg:

As  for  angels,  they  were  all  created  male,  and  have 
existed that way for billions of years, although they can manifest male
or female form at will.

Only once perfected humans arrive in the spirit
world and take up residence there, does conjugal love appear there for
the  first  time.

Meanwhile,  angels  await  the  advent  of  this  human 
conjugal love in the spirit world before their female counterparts will be
created and given them in marriage.

Regardless of such discrepancies with Swedenborg, the article is very good.  BTW, Swedenborg preceded the Rev. Moon in time - and if the Unification Church  (like the Mormons) learn from Swedenborg, then all the better.

Swedenborgians of all official persuasions (including non-Swedenborgian ones), enjoy the article at this link:

Research into the Ontolo gy of Spirit World and Spirit Persons in Unification Thought 

(Parenthetically I am not a Unification Church  member,) 

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