Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jesus Resurrection was physical--

- and it all makes sense. Here's why:

Some might say that the God-Man Jesus will not need a carbon-based body in the spiritual realm. However, being God,  Jesus needed to "dispose off" his carbon body on His own terms, and not on the terms of His tormentors. He would do that at the time of the Ascension into substantive, spiritual reality and not following the crucifixion. Hence, the need for a physical resurrection, empty tomb and a newly-wounded carbon body with wounds visible on the hands and on the side (the doubting Thomas episode).  And though there is no carbon-based Jesus's body in the spiritual realm at this time, if and when the Risen Christ wishes to re-project himself into the physical realm, he can do so by enacting His Ascension in reverse i.e. by re-materializing His carbon-based body which, while He is not physically present in the physical realm, still exists as a pattern or thought-form in His mind. All in all, the physical resurrection documented in the Gospels makes perfect theological and spiritual sense  and need not be attributed to the alleged carnal thinking of those first century Jews and Noahides (God-fearers) who accepted the ascended messianic kingship of Jesus of Nazareth.

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