Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why the Physical Universe will not end - though the earth and the solar system will

One Swedenborgian perspective...

Heaven is just part of the "God's body". The physical universe (not just the earth) with its trillions of habitable earths is God's feet. As Dr. Jonathan Rose said, God will not destroy his feet. Even when this earth dies a natural death when the Sun turns supernova, there will be other earths. Indeed, the Sun is a second-generation star. Who knows that the material from an earlier sun and an earlier earth was recycled into our present solar system? Also, will the physical universe - Carl Sagan's billions and billions of galaxies - end in a big crunch or will thin out into nothing? Not if there are multiple big bangs going on all the time as singularities spew new matter all over the place. In other words, God is not going to cut his feet off and his feet are the physical universe


  1. There is still some provision for the continued support of heaven, should an earthly race fail. See SD2755 : so that if the human race failed spirits could have been remitted into a similar state so as to serve as vessels, and thus order be perfected. At http://e-swedenborg.com/writings/static/d9216/2755.htm
    We presume though that the physical universe as a whole still persists.

  2. Ian,
    I read your reference but I do not follow what it means. Could you explain it in simple English?