Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Perfect Recipe for Mental and Physical Health

Try this out and tell me if this does not work.

  1. Buy an iPOD shuffle or some other cheap MP3 player with a 'shuffle' capability.
  2. Download the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John free from this site. Free Bible Download
  3. Also download Revelation from the same site.
  4. Load these five books onto your iPOD shuffle or cheap MP3 player. Dedicate your player to these 5 books - let it have nothing else. Put your player in the shuffle mode.
  5. Buy a cheap digital watch and walk every day for 60 minutes as briskly as you can.
  6. While you do so, listen to to these 5 books in the shuffle mode. Do nothing else while you walk. If thoughts arise, do not pursue them. Listen to the recordings in a light, pleasant way without straining yourself. Do not theologize in your mind as you listen, unless theological thoughts pop up spontaneously.
  7. Watch the Lord completely change your mind and your life in 90 days.
This costs little and it works miracles - and the most important miracle of all: the renewing of the mind.


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